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E-Design & Home Decorating Services

How does the process work? It all begins with a simple Client Intake Form, then we get to work.

Virtual E-Design Concept Board Package (per room)

$500 (deposit required)

After completing the Client Intake Form, we'll meet in person, via phone or zoom, to discuss your needs and get to know you. Then we'll provide:

  • 1-2 Concept Boards

  • 2-3 rounds of revisions to Concept Boards with actual product recommendations

  • Final Comprehensive Design Plan including 1-2 Final Boards, itemized floor plan, product shopping list, including shopping links, so you, the client, can purchase the desired products

  • Designer notes for product placement and styling

Add-On Services

$125/hr (deposit required)

We'll further the decorating process, dependent upon your specific needs:

  • 3-D room renderings, placing furniture & décor in your space 

  • On-Site visits for planning purposes (room layout, measurements, etc)

  • On-Site visits for design implementation & decorating (receiving shipments, styling furniture & décor)

  • Personal shopping


$125/hr (deposit required)

Looking for ideas for a focal wall to give your contractor? Paint colors to show your painter? We'll create Concept Boards specific to your unique needs.

Elysian Home Design provides decorative services only (furniture and accessories); architectural services are not provided.

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