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Tracy Sage, Home Stylist

My husband never cared for me traveling for work. Not because he missed me; well, maybe a little bit. Not because he had to care for home and family as a single father while I was gone. Nope, not that. It was because he knew, upon my return, that I would be beaming with new ideas of how to redecorate at least part of our home…..once again.

I spent over 20 years as a retail buyer, totally immersed in everything “home”: décor, textiles, scents, gadgets. I’d work my way through endless vendor showrooms and trade shows, returning with trend reports, product ideas and visual inspirations for the retailer I worked for, and additionally, décor concepts for my own home.

Moving from Chicago to Naples in 2019 fostered a career change. The new location, coupled with my passion for home décor and a solid business background, led to a natural progression into virtual interior decorating. I am a master shopper, sourcing products from a variety of retailers to suit each client’s needs and individuality, so their house becomes a more attractive, comfortable, and nourishing place to call home. I believe everyone should have a home they’re proud of.

I know that decorating can seem overwhelming, and I’m here to ease the load off your shoulders from day one. Contact me today to see how my services can help you.

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